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Wills: a major facet of legal readiness
Legal readiness has many facets. It includes targeting advice provided to Air Force senior leaders, and legal assistance provided to the newest airman.(Continue Reading)

Living wills and medical powers of attorney
WHAT would happen if you were in a coma and while you hang in the balance, a heart-wrenching decision about your life has to be made quickly? At a time ...(Continue Reading)

Download more than 25,000 legal forms
Find legal forms in areas including Landlord-Tenant, Power of Attorney, Real Estate, Wills and more. Plus, search by state or subject matter. ...(Continue Reading)

Who left what behind: wills of famous blacks; while some left millions, others left nothing but legal problems
HISTORY is full of illustrious Black men and women who left indelible marks - and, in some cases, interesting wills. Some left substantial estates ...(Continue Reading)

The legal assistance chief's handbook
I. Introduction The job of a legal assistance (LA) chief can be surprising, frustrating, inspiring, and overwhelming--all at the same time. The job ...(Continue Reading)

Legal assistance issues for retirees: a counseling primer on old age, disability, and death issues
You are a newly assigned legal assistance attorney, fresh from the basic course. Your parents are still of working age, and your grandparents are just ...(Continue Reading)

Legal ease? Do-it-yourself lawyering is not for everyone
Cheryl Collins-McLemore is only 37 years of age, but she's already considering her mortality. In the event of her imminent death, she does not want to be kept on life support; desires for her body(Continue Reading)

What living wills won't do: the limits of autonomy
IN THE AFTERMATH of the Terri Schiavo case, it seems clear that most Americans are uncomfortable at the prospect of politicians' intervening in family ...(Continue Reading)

She's Gotta Have It: Three Official Documents Every Sister Needs - spending extra money on key legal documents - Brief Article
IT was a facial and a bra that got the whole thing started. A facial and a bra that transformed a blithe lunchtime conversation among three Sister-friends ...(Continue Reading)

Parent savvy; straight answers to your family's financial, legal & practical questions
Parent savvy; straight answers to your family's financial, legal & practical questions. Choudhri, Nihara K. Ed. by Amy DelPo. Nolo 2005 412 pages $19.99 Paperback HQ778 This acc(Continue Reading)

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